Tours you will live to remember

Dominion Cruise and Tours is a water sightseeing and transportation service that operates along the Lagos island waterways. We cater to schools, corporate organizations, associations, religious bodies and so much more.

We organize round trip tours along the Lagos island waterways where geographical and historical concepts about our waterways, landmarks and the environment can be seen and appreciated along the tour route.

Our goal is to create an educational, entertaining and exciting experience for all our guests where learning, blue sky thinking, team bonding and networking can take place in an atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our promise is to take you all, on a journey to remember with precious and priceless moments for the entire team.

Our Values

Safety & Security

Integrity and Innovation

Epic journeys

Convenience and Comfort

Respect and Reliability

Best price guarantee

Operational Excellence

“To be the foremost cruise, tour & leisure services provider in Lagos”.
“To deliver reliable, convenient and comfortable cruise, tour & leisure services
using well trained customer centric and amiable staff”.
Our Goal
Our goal is to make your trip a journey to remember for a very long

Safety is our priority

  • To ensure the safety of our guests each trip will be accompanied by a lifeguard and a first-aid certified professional.
  • Also, each journey will begin with a safety briefing, including the mandate to wear a lifejacket throughout the journey and knowledge of the boat’s emergency safety equipment.


We have designed the Dominion Exclusive Cruise to fit the specific requirements of our guests. The activities and content of the program will elicit learning, networking and foster bonding with lots of fun.


Depending on the package selected, guests will be served a meal, in addition to receiving refreshments on board or at the beach.


Our services, which could include a boat tour and various perks, is one of the most economical options for our guests, which will maximize their enjoyment with the amount spent.