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Explore Lagos Like Never Before

  • We cater to schools, corporate organizations, associations, religious bodies.

  • We organize a round trip Tour along the Lagos inland waterways. During the Tour, You will see (observe) historical and geographical landmarks along the route.”.

  • Our focus is to create an educational, entertaining and exciting atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation where geographical and historical concepts about our waterways, environment and landmarks can be seen and appreciated along the tour route.

  • We also work with groups, teams, corporate bodies etc to create precious moments in an environment where team bonding, networking and learning can take place.

Our promise is to take you on … a journey to remember.

Dominion Deluxe Cruise

Enjoy the best of cruising in the most hospitable environment. Our Dominion Deluxe Cruise provides an exquisite networking experience through our on-board cruise service. Drink and dine on a Yacht with food from our executive culinary chef while you enjoy the beautiful sceneries that the Lagos island offers. We will make sure the trip leaves You Relaxed, Restored and Rejuvenated.

Dominion Children's Cruise

This is an opportunity to give your students a fun and educating experience aboard our Lagos tours as we visit geographical and historic spots around the city.

Dominion Tour Cruise

How well do you understand the greatness that is Lagos? Are you a fan of history and Cultural Heritage? Well you are in the right place. Our Dominion Tour Cruise provides an Oasis of serenity as we tour around the bustling Lagos island. Our guests will have the opportunity to see and learn about historical and geographical facts about the Lagos inland waterways. They will see from the boat, The Lagos Marina and the Apapa shoreline, the Niger docks shipyard – the largest of its type in West Africa, the Naval Dockyard, which harbors war ships and gun boats, the boat clubs, the Eko Atlantic city, The Tarkwa bay, and cruise along the Cowrie Creek which is in betwen Ikoyi and Victoria Island and SO MUCH MORE. Our goal is to make your trip a journey to remember.

Dominion Cruise and Beach Outing

Are you a lover of blue skies, seas and beaches then Welcome to Our Dominion Cruise and Beach Outing, where all three elements are combined into one to give you the best experience Imaginable. Enter an oasis designed with all the creature comforts of nature – enjoy the cool tropical sea breeze of Lagos while relaxing on pristine white sands, with a pictorial view of clear blue waters and breathtaking natural beauty as you bask in the sun; Chances are, these beaches are one of the most photographed and beloved places in Lagos.