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Tourism by Britannica is defined as an act and process of spending time away from home in pursuit of recreation, relaxation, and pleasure while making use of the commercial provision of service.

Water based tourism relates to any touristic activity undertaken in or in relation to water resources, such as lakes, dams, canals, streams, rivers, waterways, marine coastal zones, sea, oceans and ice-associated areas.

Water tourism is a type of recreational sport and free time activity, the target area of which is are natural or artificial water surfaces, riversides or lakesides and its environs.

Lagos state is the economic powerhouse and most socially diverse state in Nigeria. It has been the convergence point for all other parts of the country and also the main entry point to the rest of the world, which has led to the creation of a variety of spots, points for relaxation, exploration, leisure

and amusement.

Lagos State; a city with a lot of natural recreational potentials which are yet to be fully explored by its inhabitants due to the neglect of water based sites in the city. A considerable part of the state is made up of Lagoon and creeks. Lagos Lagoon covers a total area of about 426km2 with a coastline and inland waterways, within average depth of about 11.6metres throughout the year with negligible or insignificant variation.

Among its naturally endowment is the navigable creeks (Lighthouse creek, Badagry Creek, Five cowries creek, Agboyi creek) and Lagoon (Ologe Lagoon, Ogun river, Lagos Lagoon, Kuramo waters) that are suitable for urban transit and most especially tourism.

The state is known for its day-to-day hustle and bustle, which can be attested to by Lagosians themselves. The human body after such stress needs rejuvenation, relaxation and restoration,

People are known for common place such as bars, the cinemas  and other forms of relaxation centres……thereby neglecting a pivotal form of tourism in this case Water; why not take a Cruise ride on the Lagos Island waterways…..how exciting and rejuvenating would that be for the body…feeling mother nature.

The nice scenery, the sensation, like the lapping water and the warmth of the sun, along the sound of waves, relief the stress.

This is where Dominion Cruise and Tours come in, a water sightseeing and transportation service that operates along the Lagos Inland Waterway. Away from the busy routine of everyday life, there is the need to have some time and space for relaxation, rejuvenation, leisure, recreation, developing and building stronger relationship through networking. Some of the benefits you get to enjoy choosing our services Includes;

  • A view of Lagos as you have never seen before; if it’s something you have never tried out before, going on water cruise in place that’s abundant with ancient tradition and scenic landscape is an excellent way to begin.
  • Our Water cruise boat do more than just take you from the point of origin to a destination, come on board elegant vessels that are equipped with adequate facilities for you to get utmost satisfaction throughout your trip.
  • Explore more; discovering Lagos from another view is no easy feat but our industry creates such avenue which is probably one of the best ways to explore as much as possible, the aquatic beauty of Lagos in one of our trips.
  • Children get onboard learning experience while en route to various destinations. Likewise they will increase their knowledge and gain practical experience about the natural water as they have learned in classroom.
  • To the parents, one of the very best things you can do as a parent is to give your kids a love of exploration. Take the excellent teaching opportunities offered by our cruise tours to explore these worldly wonders with you children.
  • Serene white beaches with beautiful water to the crystal clear blue water beyond the shore, it’s all simply spectacular. Words can’t really describe it, you need come witness it yourself.

Our Promise is to take you on……a journey to remember


By Olajide Ismail Olayinka

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